Pricing Guide

  • Most of our products are priced at the Face Value (FV) or the official retail price sold at a China Post Office.
  • Sheetlets and Full Sheets are limited editions and are sold above FV.
  • Category A products (A1~A4) are shipped every 2~3 months depending on schedules. A1 (minimum 4 sets) is required to order other category A products.
  • Category B products (B1~B6) are shipped once per year (usually the early next calendar year when the year set is available). There is no minimum number of sets to order.
  • The real annual cost may be slightly different from the estimated numbers in the table.

Some example prices are given in this table based on current currency exchange ratio at USD:CYN=1:6.70.



Example Sale Price

Mint Stamp



Souvenir Sheet












Full Sheet