A1:  Mint Stamp + Souvenir Sheet (Min Qty: 4)

A1: Mint Stamp + Souvenir Sheet (Min Qty: 4)

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Including all the commemorative, individulized stamps and souvenir sheets issued in the calendar year. It is shipped 3~5 times per year depending on the schedule. The estimated annual cost for this product is $25.

The minimum order quantity of this product is 4. If your order quantity is smaller than 4 when you place the order, we will assume that your order quantity is 4.

By default, your subscription will start from the current calendar year. However, we can offer starting from 2018 at the subscriber's price with a minimum quantity of 4. Please let us know if you want to subscribe for the earlier years.

NOTE: Minimum 4 sets are required for subscription. If you need fewer sets, you can purchase them at our retail store.

This product is required to order other category A products.